…Else I…

Part VIII : 41ji (an em)


curious diarist, isn’t it though,

meddlin’ an ism, so to go

to it,  as and thoroughly to,

who should imagine that you want

an upside down layin’ over

there, no reason to it, or worse

too many, aye did stop at that;

no worse than none at all, against it


bricks and wattles and shadows of auls,

the flyin’ forth assort’d, kinda shoo’d

those also assumptive, and so big,

makes a parchment from that of,

as , and it was for the porch as;

a lack to that already have

a ready heart of nothin’ left,

short of startin’ on like that


resilient, aye, that as a reason is,

more likely, as your now an all,

although a train a strayer

there, a sort as go another

there altogether a recumbence;

early ago your near is so,

aye, your on, that sat awhile

in burrs embowl’d of that and as


fallin’, too, although altogether risin’,

I knot that yet and take in apart

of it, help as up a bit round about,

thoroughly ponder what’s that of,

irregular sort as what’s else;

more of that no worse than any

the turnin’ of, to such the fallin’

here in, throughout, a back to


as a name, nor I a namer

only, to the doer of an aul

o’er a ruler, and to straighten

up fore all that is what’s sore

about goods and greaves, swords

and words and grief and disbelief;

it is the once one’s good for,

and milieus and parvenues, at least


and was as is for good, two shoes

and ours and boots, and a keaper dry;

and the other way ago a bit

of tenders, some this, some that;

the close in of a door, a room,

nor any more there in retreat,

wall’d in o’errun and through

the all no peace, no quarters, none


times your and and your against is

all there is, nor any other more

deferent a conformance a reason

systematical array,

lightly, nor so slightly so,

the unalloy’d ; that’s all,

the ever any need, for ill

or all of it, as go a little room


bricks and bats, a widow lexicon,

d-ward up toward any word,

an escalation , that in , on or out,

another more than separate,

a selve apart from and, of

this, as a unity, the fate, as till the else,

the thicket and the grove,

no lesson that, than more there met

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