Some Bliss.

Kettledrums, A Poet Returns

Northern Bred

Sunlight can warm me through car windows
despite the cold air outside. A bite;
a harsh frost-kiss that nips my toes.
Duvet, keep him clement tonight.

If you take any deeper breaths,
my arm I’m sure is swallowed.
Soft chest beats against my arm where It rests. Rest;
your restful now, not like my restless, heart has mellowed.

Hated guilt as well I lay with now,
as pride keeps my eyes fixed above.
But naive and foolish heart, tell me how,
I’d think it strange one girl, two men might love.

To use the word triangular is cold,
there is nothing geometric in this mess.
Yet hideous ‘love triangle’ here is told;
At least bare flesh forgets, on my hand pressed.

Great men are said to lose greatness in this,
I am not great and therefore trouble’s only gained.
Still, remembering you remembers me some bliss;
through fractured, sleepless hours…

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2 thoughts on “Some Bliss.

  1. Thank you for this! Had to stop for a while and change the account because of some 1984 style spooks at home, so it’s going to take a while to get back into peoples’ reading again. I hope you’ve kept well! And thanks again for the re-blog : )


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