The Elements

Search for The Soul - Indrajit Rathore

The Universal Essence through the Spirit in nature plays and experiments with the elements, seeing and listening through them and moving and acting, wondering what to create next, like a scientist in a lab. I would like to share a poem I wrote on the dynamic elements:

                                    E L E M E N T A L

The Lake

Reflecting the blue sky

                        Must be able to see

Countless trees

And the snow capped peak


Like images

                         In the eye.


Feed the fire

                        That must eat

To stay alive,

Reaching out for paper

Growing high

On juicy camphor,

Licking one more morsel

Of sumptuous wood,

Or quietly

On a wick

Of staple oil

                        Like a butterfly,

Then getting wild

On petrol

Out of control

                        Like shrill cicadas

                         Calling in summer.


The wind

Moving invisibly,

                          What is it

Stirring the oceans so,

Bending trees,


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