confiding with a better warmth

two cents

From an other-wise-sane perspective

is it funny?
it’s kind of funny … i signed up for fixing my front teeth
(oh vanity, thy name is woman!)
and the HMO gives me a geriatric primary
that doesn’t even accept anyone under 50

while instead of free
like if i had NO hmo — urgent care is $3
which i don’t have
(belts tighten –soaked in an irish stew)

but losing weight no matter
no matter how much in calories goes into
rendition’s mouth

i hear it is important to make a pretty corpse;
today these weary eyes and nailpolish are blue

and i enjoyed a cup of coffee
a smoke is a smoke so
f*ck the gods of medicine

did i say that? it must be that i only wonder at
the incompetence.

pollution [bright shiny cars on bright shiny roads]
a form of mass-suicide
everyone dying a little by their own hand

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