12 thoughts on “When Nitrous Oxide Won’t Do

    1. Don’t know anything about the Previs, except, they left a bag of prunes in the refrigerator.
      This was done by a realtor’s swat team, to ‘freshen up’ the place…which means, don’t look down.
      Not so bad; I did it all lying down, but now, I have no thumbnails.
      Only one more basic chore…cleaning the insides of cabinets. The place is full of storage.
      I need more stuff.


      1. lol …. hope your thumbs grow back soon. that’s a good sign that feel like need more stuff to fill the space. wouldn’t believe weird swat-job of apartment i’m in now, first place I’ve ever been where they painted the bath tub ….


        1. I changed all the deadbolts, today. Now I can exit without a key, to go buy a smoke alarm.
          The good that will do, while the trains roll through and I don’t wake.
          I have met the Woman of the Shared Wall, Teresa, who wanted to know how I liked living here.
          I said, I wasn’t here yet, but she doubted me. She did not care about my name…she would forget
          it. I don’t doubt that. Next time, I’ll tell her a different one…Paul Bunyan.


          1. lol …. i never remember names. why computer much better for me because seeing in print remember better. deadbolts. locks. guarding things as things guard us ….tell her you’re Sylvester Stallone šŸ™‚


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