6 thoughts on “Fire Sale

      1. up the hill? just don’t break your crown ….

        joking aside, maybe better to go w/desert-flora? many homes in new mexico had that rock/cacti thing going on …


        1. Oh yes, it’s sensible (and necessary, to conserve water). This particular ‘association’ forbids
          planting in the ground…we may put out potted plants, but the plant may only grow eight feet tall; no-one has thought to restrict width, so there is leeway…until someone complains. The next court over has done the potted landscape to such effect that it looks competitive.

          In other areas, breathtaking beauty…and not always the result of status


    1. They are a problem, when they show up at the restaurant; we only have square tables and cater to physicists, who prefer tapioca…


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