To A Phalarope

a rung out one down

a fairway off a bald spot

a mount ie red


where squirrels root air

when oak bark a squatter @

while repast as halves


the shone in a shade

oriel maids sway & reel

a lad cf all

2 thoughts on “To A Phalarope

  1. KittyKittie says:

    Does the squirrel not argue politics?
    When one is beneath the acorn a foot with wrath?
    Wait a minute for the bluejay to complain pointing out weak point in the debate.
    Turn sideway between barking up the wrong tree, throwing pine-cones the naked diplomat.
    Barking up the wrong tree.
    Surely the squirrels must agree.


    1. Squirrels are not that strange…they only dig holes and forget where that was;
      perhaps, if we all dress’d in feathers hereon a garb old, a golden egg on edge the age,
      who wouldn’t…


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