Tell Else…

Part VI: Iiv


from crease of worst of ease,

& least among the few at rest,

the seasons each advance,

& leisure gladdens oft aside

the old travail behind;

in triple step, reverse at best,

companion, guest or friend,

an ever all familiar to


cognate to no other thought,

one moment please or some,

none of these, the least, the last,

I ask of you apiece,

never more than ever that

& never less for none,

neither this nor that above

one moment more beyond


or tops of trees as started out,

in form another day,

& startled one the other from

no other than it was,

beyond our reach & close at hand,

described resiliency;

wherever these abide, some few,

as pleached & played the lane about


erasures of the other than

the same of shall as well

the remnant of itself o’errun,

and more of wills and mays,

precisely that or not at all,

reversal winds its way,

in specious lay a clock astop,

‘tho presently ajar


there’s some of that foolishness,

at least the easy sort,

apt to swallow swords & fire

& burst upon the scene,

first in file, & briefly, lame,

not quick, not quarrelsome,

sooner late than never on

a derring-do above


the idleness of tide & shore

inform the other day,

as float away inwardly,

unnamed, uncertain; tame

the feral need, the formal sum,

the numberless among;

once more, as these surcease,

become an ember of


& stopped to see the gentle wood,

the blameless too, aloft

in current air more carefully

through mist & spray, through drift

reportedly assort,

& stooped as the bending would,

to be the blameless, too,

the ever so familiar to


so ash and sky, so fiery stunt,

‘tho otherwise the same,

resemble less assemblies of

prevailing winds o’er tides,

that are or are not wide nor high

than any overreach

of reason or advantage sort

the silence of, the memory of

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8 thoughts on “Tell Else…

  1. The language here is very rich. I often find myself not certain which path to take upon reading each word. That is delightful and seldom happens in my reading experience. 🙂


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