cry for me, too

From an other-wise-sane perspective

(a posting from facebook did on January 14 — was glad to see Jon Stewart mention the Nigerian massacre in yesterday’s daily show)

cry for me, too
the ones unjustly killed
brought to sacrifice for the evil mind
of evil men

cry for me, too
those lost in shootings
wrong color
wrong place
everybody’s time
not publicized, no … but

cry for me, too
the soldier that lives
and comes home to see
more of the world
than he can stand

cry for me, too
the babies lost to disease
nights of never knowing
one kind touch …

cry for me, too
the love that died
when i saw so many
left to the wolves
left to the outside
left to be discarded

… cry for me, too
the one who can do nothing
when justice is overrun
the one who screams
“it wasn’t me!”

cry for me…

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